Stevie McBride, Owner with her husband, XXX.
Little Mesquite Boutique was started in September of 2015 by myself, Stevie McBride. It was a small dream I pursued for years before it became a reality. I chose to be strictly an online business because my husband and I also work full-time ranching (we've got cattle and horses galore).That in itself is another full time job. I can say I am so blessed to work not only one, but two jobs I LOVE. Who doesn't love getting to see and work with animals all day.. One day I'll share some pictures for ya'll but you gals keep me busy, busy! Anyway, a little more about the biz-- My style is simple, yet unique. I am a shirt-and-jeans (and boots, of course) kind of girl that likes to get dolled up on occasion! I wanted to share my style and hope to inspire others to own your own style! SO to help with that, Little Mesquite Boutique offers a variety of clothing from relaxed tees to goin' out on a Saturday night outfit! Clothes vary from graphic tees, to chic, dressy tops. Short sleeve to long sleeve. We've got jeans, an assortment of jewelry and booties to complete any outfit. 


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